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Angelina Lift is mainly intended for patients over 30 years of age. It aims to mark the cheeks and the jaw line.

How does the procedure look like?

Angelina Lift is performed under local anesthesia. Underlining of the cheeks is obtained by removing fat from the cheeks. To mark the jaw line special filler is administrated deep into mandibular line. The treatment is often divided into 2 stages, and each of them lasts about 1 hour.

How does the patient immediately after surgery?

After removing fat from the cheeks two stitches are left inside the cheeks for 7 days. The stitches are very small and do not interfere with daily activities. For a few days swelling on the cheeks may be visible, so icepacks are required. After 7 days, the patient must apply to remove the stitches. There is no edema after the marking of the jaw line.

How long does the effect last?

The effect of the cheek treatment is permanent. The marking of the jaw line lasts up to several dozen months.

Contraindications for surgery?

Contraindications to the treatment are: pregnancy and breast-feeding, autoimmune disease in active phase and infectious diseases of the skin at the site of the planned treatment.

Is the treatment safe?

The procedure involves removing fat pad, and it is safe for the proper closing of the mouth. During the procedure does not affect the salivary gland. The marking of the jaw line is completely safe.

Recommendations after surgery

Immediately after the procedure put icepacks on both cheeks, do not eat hot meals, do not chew. In the case of hematomas it is recommended to use the ointment heparin and contact your doctor.


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