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What is fractional laser?

Fractional Laser Laser utilizes LIGHT SCAN. The main advantage of SCAN LIGHT is deep and uniform penetration into the dermal layer and the strong impact of the water present in this tissue. The laser is very fast and effective. By creating in the treated area of the skin hundreds of small points of coagulation fractional laser stimulates a sudden and very severe response of the organism. Reaction of the skin to fractional laser radiation is a significant increase in collagen production, rapid rejuvenation of the deeper layers of the skin and wrinkles remove.

What can be treated by fractional laser?

Fractional Laser effectively reduces wrinkles on the skin all over the body, restores youthful skin tone and removes acne scars and causes the formation of acne inflammation. Treatments are performed in the area of the face, neck, chest, hands and thighs. Fractional Laser removes very well laxity and wrinkles under the eyes and leaves in this place no swelling or hematoma.

How does the procedure look like?

Treated surface is irradiated with intense fractional laser beam. Depending on the power of rays can get the effect of ablative or inablative. The treatment can be felt by the patient, because the laser generates heat. To reduce the perception of pain is used with ice packs. The procedure takes about 15-20 minutes.

How does the patient look like after procedure?

In the case of inablative laser there is redness of the skin for a few hours after surgery. Ablative laser may cause scabs and prolonged redness.

Contraindications for procedure?

Contraindication to fractional laser are: pregnancy and breast-feeding, autoimmune disease in active phase and infectious diseases of the skin at the site of the planned treatment.

Is it save?

The basis for the safety of this procedure is to use the lowest dose producing the effect and at the same time tolerated by the patient. The laser does not cause skin burns and does not cause scarring or adhesions.

The effects of the treatment - photo

fractional laser   fractional laser


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