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Lipolysis and liposuction are treatments aims on the removal of excess fat from specific areas of the body. The most frequently performed liposuction around the abdomen, thighs, sides, shoulders, back, calves and face.

How does the procedure look like?

Lipolysis and liposuction procedures are performed under general anesthesia, but the patient can stay conscious during the procedure. Adipose tissue is first subjected to thermal lipolysis and then removed via cannula (liposuction).

How does the patient look like after procedure?

After surgery, the patient can leave the operational room. On the same day it is advisable to stay at home. The next day, there may be bruising and swelling in the treated area. On the 2nd day after surgery, the patient should wear the compression clothing. On the 5th day after treatment, the patient should visit doctor to remove the stitches. On the 7th day patient starts lymph drainage.

How long does the effect last?

Effects of treatment usually lasts permanently. With laser lipolysis fat does not build up again in the treated areas.

Contraindications for procedure?

Contraindications to the treatment are: pregnancy and breast-feeding, autoimmune disease in active phase and infectious diseases of the skin at the site of the planned treatment. Another contraindication may be thrombocytopenia and liver failure.

Is the treatment safe?

The procedure involves the removal of a safe amount of body fat. Often after surgery may be visible bruising and swelling, and skin may have a reduced sensitivity to touch. These effects usually pass within a few weeks.

Recommendations after surgery

Immediately after the procedure keep treated areas in a particular purity. It is recommended to use the cream Avene Cicalfate on wounds. In the case of haematomas it is recommended to use the ointment heparinum. On the 7th day is recommended to use lymphatic drainage 2 times a week for 5 weeks.

The effects of the treatment - photo

liposukcja   lipoliza


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