MPawlak Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Clinic


PhD, MD, Maciej M Pawlak

Aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Medical University of Warsaw in 2008. He is a member of the International Master Course on Aging Skin, and the International Association of Physicians for Aesthetic Medicine. He is involved in Aesthetic medicine and surgical treatment since 2008. During his work he is using the experience gained during many years of specializing in interventional medicine and plastic surgery. His theoretical knowledge is constantly expanding on the international courses, conferences and workshops organized for plastic surgeons. He is a trainer at the European Training Centre Fenice, co-author of many teaching materials and practical courses in the field of lipolytic treatments, surgery, dermatology, anti-aging medicine and aesthetic. He belongs to a small group of doctors performing both minor surgery of the face and entire body modeling. Thanks to the cooperation with the centers of plastic surgery in Italy (Luca Scrimali, Daniel Cassuto) he, as one of the first doctors, introduced laser lipolytic modeling in difficult areas of the face. Rich practical and theoretical experience allow him to carry out a full range of treatments in aesthetic medicine, supplemented treatments in the field of plastic surgery. Comprehensive knowledge and frequent combination of these two fields of medicine allows the doctor to the comprehensive treatment of patients. Maciej Pawlak is a respected physician among patients in Poland and abroad. Extensive theoretical knowledge and excellent manual skills have enabled Dr Pawlak membership in the International Society of Aesthetic Medicine Anti-Aging.


Mgr Tatiana Radomska

Certified nurse

Certified nurse, every day working in the operating room. Perfectly fulfills her responsibilities, has a wealth of knowledge on substantive and practical procedures performed in surgery and plastic surgery. She is an indispensable help during difficult procedures. She can well take care of patients before and after the surgery. Nice, pleasant and extremely hard-working, steadily expanding her medical passions.


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