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Small vessels and vascular spiders are often visible on the face especially around the nose and cheeks. In addition to aesthetic defects blood vessels are an important factor in the formation of rosacea - chronic skin diseases treated with steroids. Therefore, it is important to effective removal of vascular lesions of the facial and other body parts.

What is the treatment?

The only effective tool to permanently close the capillaries is green laser. The treatment involves removing blood vessels coagulation of hemoglobin in the pans and thus inhibiting the flow of blood through the cell. The treatment can be performed under local anesthesia using anesthetic cream or injection anesthesia. The whole procedure takes about 10-30 minutes.

How does the patient look like immediately after procedure?

After the procedure, treated areas may be red. Sometimes you can observe the peeling of the skin, which is a normal phenomenon.

How long does the effect of the treatment last?

Treatment effect is immediate and generally maintained permanently. Sometimes the larger blood vessels are subject to recanalization, so after a period of six weeks is recommended to perform the procedure again.

Contraindications for surgery

Contraindications to the treatment are: pregnancy and breast-feeding, autoimmune disease in active phase and infectious diseases of the skin at the site of the planned treatment.

Is the treatment safe?

The procedure is performed using green laser, thus the patient has covered his eyes with special glasses all the time. There is no danger of damage to the deeper layers of the skin.

Recommendations after surgery

Immediately after the procedure keep treated areas in a particular purity. Sometimes an ice can be applied on the hot skin. After the first day it is advisable to use the cream Avene Cicalfate.

The effects of the treatment - photo

veins   veins


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